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How to Meal Prep When You Don’t Want to Meal Prep

Hello friends,

how has March been treating you so far? I hope all is well!

I’m coming at you today with a topic (see above) that I had never given much thought when I was still living back in Switzerland. I basically didn’t know what it was.

Working in the US, where most people have al desko lunches every day and tackle rather long commutes day in day out forced me to rethink my food options Monday through Friday. After all there are some quite relevant advantages that come along with planning and preparing your meals ahead. Let’s hear some right now in case you need convincing. I’m sure there are more, those seem like the most obvious ones to me.

  • Time: You’ll save yourself some veeery valuable time in the morning (think about how much longer you can spend lying in bed. That’s a good one, right?)
  • Physical Health: You’ll know exactly what ingredients go into your meals. If you have any dietary restrictions this can be especially valuable.
  • Mental Health: We all know that being hangry is not a particularly nice state of mind. In order to keep yourself happy it’s always great to have prepped meals and snacks at hand.

#1 Make a plan

Who doesn’t love a good plan?


Even if it includes food?

There are a million resources, meal plans, videos, posts out there but I’ll try and keep it fairly simple by just showing you how I do it and what my take on it is. If you’re into it, take a few minutes maybe on a Friday or Saturday or whenever you do your grocery shopping for the week ahead. Things to take into consideration:

  • How many meals do you need to prepare? How many times will you be out for dinner or lunch and therefore not need to prepare anything during the work week? I tend to not plan anything for the weekend as we have more time then and are out and about. Still, being more aware of what you’ll need will not only make your grocery shopping sessions be done way faster and efficiently (no more randomly picking up groceries as you go) it will also prevent you from having to throw away food that has gone to waste.
  • Have your containers ready: As you will be preparing meals or ingredients for the week ahead you’ll have to store them somewhere. Make sure to have enough glass jars (for breakfasts or salads) or glass containers at hand.
  • Set time aside to prep: Lots of people including myself will have a little cooking session on a Sunday night for an hour or two and get all the preparation done.

#2 Ideas for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

The way I approach meal prep is to prepare ingredients separately rather than full meals. This holds true for lunch especially. For breakfast and for dinner I will mostly turn to a “complete” meal. What do I mean by that?


My go-to options are either overnight oats, chia pudding or a bircher. They won’t take much longer than a few minutes to put together. Stored in a glass jar your 5 breakfasts for the work week ahead are ready to go.

Breakfast Prep

  • Oats, chia pudding or bircher as your base
  • Toppings (fresh or dried fruit, nuts, seeds, almond butter)

Breakfast Inspo


I’ve rediscovered my love for spinach salad. It’s become a staple item for my lunch salads. I am not a fan of salads that will make you go hungry an hour after eating them though. The key here is to bulk up your salad with as many delicious things as possible. I love to throw in some red quinoa, farro, barley, lentils, brown rice or chickpeas, avocados, olives, artichokes, hard-boiled eggs topped with some green onions, sunflower seeds, chive, roasted vegetables, hummus, falafel, tahini, cottage or feta cheese,… The list is endless, choose your salads and have your ingredients for the week ready so that you can just put them together the night before. Switch up the ingredients every week so the whole thing doesn’t get boring.

Lunch Prep

  • Red quinoa, farro, barley, lentils, brown rice, chickpeas
  • Hard-boil some eggs
  • Roast vegetables in the oven (parsnips, sweet potatoes, carrots, …)
  • Make your own hummus
  • Cut up vegetables to snack on during the week
  • Prep your toppings such as green onions, edamame, chicken, falafel, avocado, …


We will think about 3-4 dinner meals that we fancy eating and will put them together on the evening itself. You have a selection of ingredients ready at hand to cook the meals you had planned so you’re good to go and will not run the risk of turning into a hangry person.


Packing up fruit (banana, apples) and nuts, seeds and dried fruit in small glass jars is always great if you’re out and about and feeling peckish.

I’ll also prepare my own ginger-turmeric concoction, which I love. Here’s how I do it: Grate some fresh ginger, add a tablespoon of turmeric powder, pour over a bit of lemon juice and drizzle with honey. Store the mix in a glass jar in your fridge and take it out whenever you feel like a warming tea. Just add a few tablespoons (depending on how spicey you like things) of your mix into a cup and pour boiling water over it. Tadaa! Your delicious tea, loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties is ready to be consumed! Enjoy!

Do you prepare your meals ahead? If so what are your favorite dishes and where do you find inspiration? Let us know in the comments below.

Have a lovely day!

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My 5 Favourite YouTube Channels At The Moment

Ok, so I promised to be real around here.

And I am. If I have a guilty pleasure it has to be watching YouTube. Today’s is going to be about my top 5 favourite YouTube channels.

Yes, I know know. I watch YouTube for escapism reasons (all of my fellow media and communications friends will know what I mean). Anyways, in case you want to relax and just consume something entertaining (because the thought of actually actively doing something seems difficult or watching something too complicated and demanding). So, those are my 5 favorite YouTube channels, maybe there’s something in for you, too. (I just realized that selection might be a bit more feminine, sorry guys).

#1 The Anna Edit

Well Anna, if you’re ever reading this. I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND! While that might make you feel all cringy I think we’d really hit it off. Yes I do. For all of you who are interested in lifestyle, beauty, food and bits of fashion but all in a really cool and easy and not over the top kind of way, this is your channel. Also, can we take a moment to just listen to this beautiful English accent, so nice!

#2 Estée Lalonde

I’ve been following Estée’s channel for a few years now. She’s Canadian but moved to London for love and is now making videos about all things London lifestyle, beauty, interiors, style in general, books and the list goes on. She has also made a few videos on the topics of feminism and the stylishness and the house Estée lives in are JUST ON ANOTHER LEVEL. So beautiful.

#3 Pick up Limes

I’ve discovered Saida’s channel only a few months ago but really appreciate this nutritionist’s videos on minimalism, vegan recipes and just life tips and hacks in general. You really see the effort she puts in every video and her voice has just something so soothing to it. Don’t you think?

#4 Sarah’s Day

This Australian girl is just so nice. Her accent is, too. She also seems to be super easy going and approachable. Besides showing us the great life of living in Sydney she is all about that healthy fitness and food lifestyle. Check her out if you’re into that!

#5 SORTEDfood 

It’s all about the food. Need I say more? Cool (is it ok to still use cool?) and inspiring channel, check it out yo.

And last but not least, my all time favorite not needing to be in a top 5 because it is just the best…is… might have guessed it: Yoga with Adriene!

Let me know what your favorite channels are if you have any!


Little Ways To Say I Love You (Plus Lots of GIFs and Memes. LOTS)

Happy Galentine’s! And it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow! Whether you’re celebrating or not because you think it’s dumb (see below),

I thought it would be nice to write down a few little ideas (very little and easy) how to say ‘I love you’. Isn’t that what V Day actually should be about? It shouldn’t be about all the chocolate and gifts (even though they’re nice, let’s be real). More than that, V Day is sort of a reminder for me to keep the habit (if you can call it that) of being thankful for the people in your live up throughout all the year and not only on one day.

Disclaimer: This post was primarily created so that I can use all the cute GIFs and memes that I’ve been looking at for the last half hour. Feel free to copy them to send them to your friends and/or lover(s).


Sounds so basic I feel stupid writing that down, nonetheless it’s good to remind yourself to say the famous three words to the person you want to say them to face to face. While looking them in the eye. Not lying on the sofa, half-asleep, saying it when your SO rushes out the door (even though that is cute, too, of course). I’m saying choose a moment when you’re both fully awake, be mindful, take it seriously and SAY IT.


That might be my favourite one. Even though the days of “mix tapes” are over, you can use Spotify or iTunes or burn a CD (sounds odd) to put together songs that mean something to you and your friend/family member/lover. No better way to express your love than through music.


If you prefer putting a bit more thought into what you want to tell your friend/family member/lover write it down. It could be a long heart-felt letter or a few funny lines on a note (because I’m sure you’re funny), hidden in a briefcase, jacket or trousers pocket or just a few sticky notes that you put on the bathroom mirror in the morning or on the fridge. When they’re not looking of course. So that it’s a surprise. If you’re not sure about what to write it’s always a good kickstarter to remember your first encounter, what you appreciate about the other person, reliving funny memories etc. etc. I’m sure you’ll find something. If not, this might not be a person to write a note for. Just sayin’.


If all fails, send your Valentines/Galentines a GIF alongside with a voice message telling them how great they are. Here comes a little selection for you, hopefully covering different target groups (meaning your Valentines).

There should be something for everyone whether he/she is a coffee or cartoon lover (we’ve got a good selection going on, ranging from Sailor Moon to Care Bears. Pätti, didn’t you love those? I’ll send you one even though it’s not a surprise anymore), an illustrations or neon lights lover, a Ryan Gosling fan, a dancer, an ironic person, a nostalgic (look at this cute photo of the movie ‘My Girl’, did you watch that one too when you were younger?). Send me your best GIFs. I know, Anna you are big on GIFs, send me one! Please and thank you.

Best Super Bowl Ads of 2017

I think nobody in Europe really understands how big of a thing Super Bowl is.


When was the last time you heard a cashier in Migros or Coop ask a customer if they got everything they needed for their snacks on Sunday Night?

Never, right? (And yes, this example happened to me when I was standing in line in a supermarket. And no, they didn’t know each other. This is the kind of personal small talk style that is normal here). 

Or when a sophisticated, elderly women (from whose appearance I would have never guessed she enjoys football. I know this is very superficial but still…) asks me if I am all ready and excited for the game? And she asks it in such an enthusiastic way that can only mean, she REALLY is looking forward to it herself.

Very long intro to demonstrate how important Super Bowl is. IS. OVER.

I couldn’t be less interested in the game itself. But because of my advertising background I had to have a look at this year’s ads. Bear in mind that the average cost for a 30-second commercial amounts to $ 5.02 m dollars this year. Yet there are so many ads that will be aired during game night.  And to spare you the trouble I’ve looked at ALL of them (was indeed a funny afternoon) and compiled some that I’ve found most interesting. Unfortunately, two of the brands mentioned have only released teasers and not the full ad yet (which will be aired for the first time on Sunday) but I have a feeling they’re really good. Hope you’ll like them.

#1 Budweiser (Anomaly)

The timing (unfortunately that is) couldn’t have been better for the beer brand. It’s the journey from German immigrant Adolphus Busch (one of  Budweiser founders). Even though it is a commercial, it feels more like a short film, very nicely done. Downside of it: The German that is spoken in the spot is kind of weird and seems very wrong to me. Maybe that’s just me? Can you hear it?

#2 Audi (Venables Bell & Partners)

Audi is airing its 9th spot in the Super Bowl this year and therefore is a real pro when it comes to big advertising. Also this year’s spot #DriveProgress touches on a relevant issue: gender equality. And it does so in a nice way, told by a feminist dad. See it for yourself:

#3 Honda (Rubin Postaer and Associates)

There’s Steve Carrell in it, need I say more? Nope.

Only downside is that it’s only a teaser and we’ll see the full thing Sunday, I’ll update you on my Facebook Page.

#4 Snickers (Omnicon Group’s BBDO)

Again, this one is only a teaser. The Mars brand announces that this year’s ad will feature Adam Driver. According to the teaser, it will also be the world’s first live Super Bowl commercial, meaning it will be performed and broadcast live during the BIG game. Very looking forward to this one as it is a creative new approach. Also there will be a cute horse. Like with the Honda one I’ll update you on Monday. If you’re intrigued and want to know more about it, starting today they will go live for 36 hours, check out their Twitter here to stay up to date.

#5 Ford (unknown)

This clip is fun to watch, also due to Nina Simone’s music and Bryan Cranston’s voiceover.

#6 Mercedes (Merkley & Partners)

This ad directed by the Coen brothers is branded by Mercedes as a homage to a series of legends and it’s just…wild. Featuring the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster.

#7 Lexus (Team One)

It seems like I have really been enjoying automobile ads. There are just SO many.

With the goal of convincing America that a Lexus is not just safe and reliable but also badass, they have enlisted the help of dancer Charles Lil’ Buck Riley. And somehow you really can’t take your eyes off of the screen, it’s amazingly edited and in combination with Sia’s music and actress Minnie Driver talking, it makes for a cool overall ad.

Sorry for the ad overflow, hope you’ve liked some of them! If you haven’t had enough you’ll find big features on the subject on Ad Age and on Adweek.

Have a great weekend and see you back on Monday!

btw: the feature image of today’s post is taken from Volkswagen’s Super Bowl  commercial 2011. If you want to laugh, have a look at it here

My January Favorites

It’s February already. Time flies. I thought it might be interesting to share my January favorites because you might like them, too. They’re so good (at least I think so).

The interwebs

A healthish love

A website I have been loving lately is called Healthyish. It’s a newly launched recipe/foodie/overall gorgeous magazine by Bon Appétit that I have been turning to for inspiration in the food department. I love the style of food and the recipes they do. AND it’s also just SO beautiful to look at. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L (took me some time to spell this one out).

An educational love

Duolingo is seriously one of the things that makes me love the internet SO MUCH. When researching for podcasts or programs to get going with my New Year’s resolution to learn Dutch I stumbled upon Duolingo and have loved it ever since. If you’re looking to learn a new language go have a look at it. It’s cleverly made and you’ll enjoy learning, I promise!

A musical love

I went to see ‘La La Land’ (yes) and while I don’t really know how I feel about the movie and its story (SPOILER ALERT: Needing a person to achieve your dreams only to then split and each have a happy ending without the other?), I know for sure that I loved the score and the songs in it. I stumbled upon this cover on YouTube that I might like even more than the original, check it ouuut!

Books and Music

‘Bad Feminist’ by Roxane Gray has been around for more than a year, yet I’ve only started a few weeks ago reading it. I love this collection of insightful essays that gets to the heart of what it means to be a woman nowadays, what it means to be a feminist (it’s tricky), what it means to be a human, and most importantly, what it is like to deal with those often conflicting interests. Very interesting read, I’m more than half-way through, highly recommend it!

Also, Ed Sheeran is back! Yay! I have loved listening to ‘Castle on the Hill’:


I’ve really been getting into ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’. I KNOW, I KNOW. The title sounds dumb and it would normally put me off. BUT. IT. IS. SO. FREAKIN’. FUNNY.  (<- a lot of bold capitals there for you to show you I’m serious about it). And if you don’t get annoyed when characters suddenly start singing, too, you WILL love this quirky cast and its funny stories.  Although I must say, I didn’t like season 1 as much as season 2 (so far). However, you have to kind of watch season 1 to appreciate season 2. Ah. Difficult.


A toner I have been loving is the one from Weleda! Does a great job at toning and stuff…

Food & Drinks

I generally love everything from Trader Joes (I am a bit obsessed, I’ll admit that). What I have been particularly obsessed with lately is their Morrocan Mint Green Tea, it’s so fresh and delicious! Have a try if you can get your hands on it!

What have your January favorites been? I’d love to know!

Have a great day! Byeeee!

24h Digital Detox: An Experiment

The title already gives it all away.

 It did a little experiment last Sunday.

BTW: If someone didn’t get any replies and hear back from me, it was due to this:

I took a break from the screens in my life.

While this might not be a challenge at all for some people (I know they exist), others (like me) have to tell themselves to really do this. It’s ok. At least I try, right? Also I thought of my New Year’s resolution to scroll less and how that would be a good training to start with.

Here comes the breakdown of this experiment (it’s pretty strait forward):

The rules:

No touching of any electronical devices such as iphones, laptops, TVs, ipods (anyone still use those?), etc. from 0:01 am until 12:00 pm of the next day. You get the picture. 


I would suggest you choosing a weekend day, such as Saturday or Sunday where you can ease into this no-screen-life. 

Tell people and friends around you that you might do it, so they don’t worry if they don’t hear from you.

Here’s how my day went:

10.00 am We’ve had a good and long lie-in. Clever move, right? You sleep as long as you want and you easily stick to the no-screen-policy. HA. 

10.30 am Had a yummy breakfast with a delicious Challah bread from the Farmers Market.

11.00 am Baked banana bread because why not, I’ve got time (thanks Ella for the recipe, you’ll find it here).

11.30 am Got a little pampering sess in and got ready for the day.

12.30 pm Went out of the house to get to Copley Square and protest against the Muslim ban, which was saddening and emotional (in a good way) at the same time.

15.30 pm Came back home to get some tea and banana bread.

16.00 pm – 19.30 pm Read books (yay for my other New Year’s resolution).

19.30 pm Cooked dinner, had dinner.

20.30 pm Enjoyed a glass of wine and read again.

23.30 pm Bedtime.

Here’s when I ‘missed’ my screens:

I observed myself (if that makes sense) and when my brain would go like ‘oh-i-want-to-scroll-aimlessly-through-platform (insert name)‘, that would be fun. It happened three times over the course of the day.

10.01 am After waking up is usually when I’ll grab my phone and will want to check for any messages and updates. With the time difference my friends will already have lived through half of the day when I get up so there are lots things to catch up on. This was the first moment I wanted to get my phone. But. I. Resisted.

1.30 pm I saw SO SO many people taking photos, selfies, instagramming, facebooking and tweeting all over at the protest and I thought of how their hands were constantly glued to their phones. (I also took photos with my camera, which as Philipp pointed out also has a screen, so I technically cheated…). On the T going home the same scenario: Everyone was staring into their phones. We are spending so much time of our day looking into a screen.

16.01 pm Not gonna lie, after that tea and cake I would have loved watching some YouTube or Netflix. But I finished a book and started a new one instead. Which leads me to the last point of this post:

Here’s why YOU should give it a try:

Throughout the day I felt calm and freed of any need to have to check on updates and messages. They could wait. I could still check them another time.

What I also found was that especially while reading I was able to focus much more instead of being distracted by the binging of the phone every so often.

After the day was over I realized that I had been more mindful than on other days (even though I wasn’t doing anything spectacular): I was paying more attention to the things I was doing.

What I’m trying to say is that it is nice to get rid of laptop, phones and so on every once in a while, you’ll like it. I’m sure. In order to keep up the New Year’s resolution #4 for more than one day, I decided last Sunday that I would declare three nights a week as screen-free from 7 pm on.

Do you want to join me? I know that one friend did it (how did it go Christine?). I’ll let you know how it goes!

Wishing you a great day! Byeeee!

Your Gym Doesn’t Want You To Read This

I am on a roll with New Year’s resolution #1 and feel very happy about. How are your resolutions going?

What helps is that we have a fully equipped fitness room in our apartment building, which I have found out is quite common here. Also, as someone who gets bored easily doing the same fitness routines over and over, I like to switch things up every once in a while.

I thought it might be interesting to share some of my favourite videos if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration yourself. There are SO SO MANY videos available everywhere but I’ve limited it to my five favourite videos, covering a wild mix of strength, yoga and HIIT training. Let me know if you already knew them or if you have others that you recommend.

Why not try one of those videos tonight after work? Byeeee!

Yoga with Adriene: Of course, I had to include Adriene which you’ll know by now, if you’ve read my fan letter last week. I am currently loving her ‘Yoga Revolution’ series, as it is the perfect quick but effective work out to do at home. All you need is a floor, not even a mat (even though that is way nicer of course). Just trying to get across that it really doesn’t take any preparation to get started nor any special requirement. Just do it!

HIIT with Carly Rowena: I’m going to be honest, High Intensity Interval Training Routines are great and terrible all in one. They are great because you get your sweat in quick routines. They are terrible because they are cruel. The nicest thing about them are actually the 30 second rests in between. Look out for those! Other than that you can do most of them at home. She also has great other videos on her channel, give them a look.

Popsugar Fitness: I find this channel’s name quite weird but besides that the content is good. The only thing you’ll need for the video below are free weights. There are a lot of full on  full-length workouts, sorted by time and type. Anything from dance workouts to tutorials to workouts designed to combat stress.

Blogilates: Again, I don’t know why lots of the workout channels have rather weird names (and often terrible music), still this one is a good, full-body and Pilates-inspired workout.

Fitness Blender: Those aren’t particularly funny or nice to look at but boy, are they effective and SUPERLONG. Those might be the longest full-length videos I’ve found around.


Find what feels good

Of course I was obsessed with the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys.

(Don’t judge. I was a 90s kid so that’s completely normal. Let’s move on).  I would never hang up any posters or would plot on how to find and get pictures with them though.

It has only been until about 4 years ago that I became a ‘fan’ again and actually this time around I wouldn’t mind if I met this person someday (not stalking her or anything but you understand what I mean).

I am talking about Adriene from ‘Yoga with Adriene’. YWA for the cool people.

If you haven’t heard of her yet, where have you been? All of my friends can attest that whenever yoga or working out at home come up in a conversation I will always recommend Adriene’s YouTube channel where you can find an abundance of videos to do at home.

So why did and do I still recommend YWA and would encourage you to try it at home?

Put simply, because I love her philosophy and her take on yoga. After taking classes for a few years, when my work schedule became a bit more unpredictable and hectic it was always a real treat to hop on the mat in the evening and have time for myself and stretch it all out. Contrary to classes I went to where I often didn’t feel the instructor’s vibes I fully feel like I am with a (very cool) friend when doing a video of hers. She offers a playful approach to yoga and a great mix of exercises that will make you find what feels good. And you’ll feel great. I promise. 

Let’s give you a little teaser on how things look over there in case you’re still unsure.  There is a 31 day series going on at the moment for the month of January, you’re seeing Day 16 here:

So in the spirit of my New Year’s resolution #1  (getting strongggg) I keep doing yoga at least twice a week (in combination with cardio and strength training) and I wanted to let you know about it because I really love Adriene.

Fangirling again. I’m going to stop here and wish you a great rest of your day! Find something today that makes you feel good, ok?

Also, check out my talented friend’s Zlata’s instagram account for some yoga inspiration here.


US Fact of the Day

It’s no secret, I love YouTube. I follow way too many channels, it’s embarrassing. But, it also made me think of which would be the most subscribed US-Channel? What do you think?

If those stats are right, it comes as no surprise: it is the Bieber (with 25,457,825 subscribers).

Enjoy! Or click away!

Oh and this one’s great too: