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My Two NYC Discoveries: The 9/11 Memorial and Calatrava’s Oculus Station

Hi everyone,

I don’t want to bore you with (too many) words today, which is why I’m leaving you with photos of the two buildings/places that by far blew me away the most when I visited New York last time.

It’s the incredibly moving and beautiful 9/11 Memorial and the incredibly modern and minimalist Oculus station by Calatrava, which MUST be the coolest station I have EVER seen (I also would totally not mind if I had to commute there everyday, it’s really such a unique building. Also, I would totally get it why a film director would want to shoot his next sci fi movie here. In conclusion: It’s quite a unique train station.

Have you seen both of this places? If not, I HIGHLY (I’m into CAPS this morning it seems. Sorry. But it’s important) recommend you visit them next time you’re in NYC.

Have a great Thursday, the weekend is near! Yay!

The 9/11 Memorial

The Oculus Station

My NYC Food Guide


I went to New York last week and was BLOWN AWAY. Yet again. Like everytime actually. This city is just so powerful in every possible way.

Overwhelming, huge, intense, never boring, exciting, multifaceted, a little intimidating, and the list goes on. How would you describe your experience in New York if you’ve ever visited before? I’d love to know in the comments below.

All of the adjectives listed above actually also apply to a specific field I want to cover today: The food. I once read that you could have dinner every day of your life at a restaurant in NYC and never nearly have seen everything. There are just SO many restaurants and places to get food. Crazy.

In order to help you out a little here (and for my own memory keeping) I thought I’d collect my favorite food spots in NYC, especially the ones I got to try during my last visit around.

Breakfast of dreams

I am a breakfast person. That’s what I am.

It’s a good thing actually. Except when I want to eat everything on a menu. It’s definitely the meal I feel I can eat the most. So.

If you’re into breakfast as much as me and find yourself in the Midtown area, definitely check out Penelope. It’s a beautiful place with a neighboorhoody feel to it and the most MOST delicious French Toast and pancakes ever. The omelettes and eggs were great, too, I was told. I wasn’t too interested in them though, my main focus clearly being on the French Toast and pancakes. Normal. 

If you’re into the whole French bistro ambiance thing gone NYC style, you have to go for brunch at Balthazar.

Is it bad that I got to know about this place because of an actress (hey Mindy Kaling) that once posted a delicious photo of when she visited? The good thing is that it brought me there, right?

Anways, it’s a beautiful place in Soho where I’ve had the best Eggs Florentine of my life (ok, haven’t had that many so far but it was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S). My mouth is watering right now. Did I even tell you that I am trying out to go vegan for this and next week as a little experiment. Already missing those eggs. Not a good sign I guess. Anyways, I’m regressing. If you still want to get your sweet fix but the place is full (reservations highly recommended), fear not, I have a solution for you. They have a little tucked-away bakery (LOVELY) next to the restaurant where you can get the best orangy brioche and pain of chocolat. HEAVENLY.

Coffee Stop

We were lucky enough to stay at the Ace Hotel in Midtown (beautiful hotel) but were even luckier to find out that there was a Stumptown Coffeebar inside the lobby. We obviously had coffee there EVERY DAY as it just was the perfect cup of coffee. I know I know by now you think, woman, relax, don’t get excited as much as that. But it was just so perfect. Please, do me a favor and go to one of the Stumptown places if you’re ever in New York. Ok? Thanks.

Light Lunch Fusion Style

We were walking lots everyday (we were visiting with my parents btw) and after having had good breakfast/brunches we’d rather keep lunches light or skip them after all only to have a little snack in the afternoon so that we could fully enjoy our dinners in the evenings.

A good place to have a light lunch however and that we all loved was Momofuku Nishi. It’s the one Momofuku restaurant that offers Asian cuisine with an Italian twist. Yup. Sounds interesting. Tastes delicious. Try it!

It’s Dinner Time

Oh Oh Oh. The dinners we had. Let me start with the first one.

It’s not a glamorous place, quite the contrary actually. But it’s such a good experience and such an iconic one, too. I’m talking about Katz’s Delicatessen. If you’ve ever been in New York but haven’t visited Katz’s, please do it next time you go and find yourself in the amazing LES. The atmosphere is just so much fun and the food is…well..nourishing! Not suited for vegans though might I add.

Jack’s Wife Freda: Beautiful little spot in West Village with small but delicious menu. GO!

Tacombi: I mean. Who doesn’t love Mexican food? No one, right? Tacombi is an oldie but goodie. I’ve almost always had at least one meal at Tacombi while being in New York. We went to the spot in Nolita and if you try to come a bit earlier than the big crowd (around 6.30 pm) you’ll easily get a table. Oh the food. Pure bliss.

Two other great places worth visiting are Egg Shop and The Butcher’s Daughter! Let me know if you have any other ‘must’ places in NYC, I’d love to hear!

The NYC Food Edit

People, prepare yourselves for Total Image Overload.

How can I go to New York and not take pictures of everything? Literally everything. To the point that Philipp gets annoyed at me. Can’t help it, #sorrynotsorry.

Doughnuts and Drinks

Let’s start off with my favorite thing: Doughnuts. We went to the best place: Dough.

In terms of coffee we’ve tried out a few new spots, which were really good: Toby’s Estate in Williamsburg was fully packed everyday. And I can tell you why, because it’s delicious! I had a very tasty cortado at Birch Coffee while roaming around Midtown, which I really recommend, too. Lastly, the hot cocoa at the Brooklyn Roasting Company in DUMBO was the perfect drink on a chilly day.

Just around the corner from where we were staying in Williamsburg we went for a nice brunch in meadowsweet, where we tried their huevos rancheros and a huge omelette with sauteed spinach, salted ricotta and bell peppers. Delish.

American Chocolate (oops)

Is it bad to buy chocolates in the US if you’re from Switzerland? I guess I’m just a sucker for beautiful design and packaging and just HAD to get some of the bars from the Mast brothers. Friends, some of them might be gifts for you. You’re welcome. 

Experimental Dinners

Pies-n-Thighs. Or in other words:

A restaurant that a kid might have invented out of its dreams.

I mean, fried chicken and waffles and fries in abundance, YES. It was a delicious meal, not gonna lie. Very nice relaxed spot hidden away in Brooklyn. Go try it for yourself if you’re in desperate need of comfort food.

A totally different experience was dinner at Contra in Lower East Side.


To all my foodie friends and people who like to indulge in an interesting food experience every once in a while: I would SO SO recommend you go there.

Where should I start. The music maybe? I find that music in a restaurant really makes for so much of the ambiance, don’t you? Anyway, this place must have had the best playlist I have ever heard in a restaurant (MGMT, Death from Above, Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix, …). Philipp and I were just casually rocking out to the tunes while being amazed by the creations of the two young cooks that opened Contra in 2013.

It’s a super casual, laid back place with a very mixed public and a simple interior yet the food is just out of this world. They serve a 7-course tasting menu, which will leave you nothing but astonished. The flavors and colors in every dish will suprise you. It is overall a great dinner experience, you’ll not forget. If you could only smell the flavors through the photos!


The NYC Street Art Edit

New York, you cool city, you.

We went to the Big Apple last week because we had to register at the Swiss Consulate and thought it would be nice to stay over for a long weekend. As always, New York didn’t disappoint. I even thought it was nicer with all the christmassy vibes going on. What also caught my attention was all the street art everywhere, so I’ve  collected a few photos. Hope you’ll like it!

Looking Up In New York City

Remember how I had shared my NYC Food and Street Art edits back in December with you?


I still had a whole photo collection of buildings and facades and bridges in my drawer (figuratively speaking). However, I felt like I couldn’t force yet another NYC photo edit on you. Now that almost two months have gone by, I feel like I can do that again. It’s also a nice reminder of a time before the snow (there is still so much snow laying around here).

Alright, time to look up at all those beautiful buildings, skyscrapers and facades now. It’s just amazing and probably the thing I like most about New York. Everywhere you go, you’ll see something interesting.

Also, Major Image Overload Alert.

Just so you don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Also another warning. I seem to love bridges that will explain the overload of Manhattan Bridge shots. (You can click on the images to get a slideshow started if you want to). 

Part One: The Manhattan Bridge / DUMBO

Part Two: Everything else