People, prepare yourselves for Total Image Overload.

How can I go to New York and not take pictures of everything? Literally everything. To the point that Philipp gets annoyed at me. Can’t help it, #sorrynotsorry.

Doughnuts and Drinks

Let’s start off with my favorite thing: Doughnuts. We went to the best place: Dough.

In terms of coffee we’ve tried out a few new spots, which were really good: Toby’s Estate in Williamsburg was fully packed everyday. And I can tell you why, because it’s delicious! I had a very tasty cortado at Birch Coffee while roaming around Midtown, which I really recommend, too. Lastly, the hot cocoa at the Brooklyn Roasting Company in DUMBO was the perfect drink on a chilly day.

Just around the corner from where we were staying in Williamsburg we went for a nice brunch in meadowsweet, where we tried their huevos rancheros and a huge omelette with sauteed spinach, salted ricotta and bell peppers. Delish.

American Chocolate (oops)

Is it bad to buy chocolates in the US if you’re from Switzerland? I guess I’m just a sucker for beautiful design and packaging and just HAD to get some of the bars from the Mast brothers. Friends, some of them might be gifts for you. You’re welcome. 

Experimental Dinners

Pies-n-Thighs. Or in other words:

A restaurant that a kid might have invented out of its dreams.

I mean, fried chicken and waffles and fries in abundance, YES. It was a delicious meal, not gonna lie. Very nice relaxed spot hidden away in Brooklyn. Go try it for yourself if you’re in desperate need of comfort food.

A totally different experience was dinner at Contra in Lower East Side.


To all my foodie friends and people who like to indulge in an interesting food experience every once in a while: I would SO SO recommend you go there.

Where should I start. The music maybe? I find that music in a restaurant really makes for so much of the ambiance, don’t you? Anyway, this place must have had the best playlist I have ever heard in a restaurant (MGMT, Death from Above, Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix, …). Philipp and I were just casually rocking out to the tunes while being amazed by the creations of the two young cooks that opened Contra in 2013.

It’s a super casual, laid back place with a very mixed public and a simple interior yet the food is just out of this world. They serve a 7-course tasting menu, which will leave you nothing but astonished. The flavors and colors in every dish will suprise you. It is overall a great dinner experience, you’ll not forget. If you could only smell the flavors through the photos!



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