Remember how I had shared my NYC Food and Street Art edits back in December with you?


I still had a whole photo collection of buildings and facades and bridges in my drawer (figuratively speaking). However, I felt like I couldn’t force yet another NYC photo edit on you. Now that almost two months have gone by, I feel like I can do that again. It’s also a nice reminder of a time before the snow (there is still so much snow laying around here).

Alright, time to look up at all those beautiful buildings, skyscrapers and facades now. It’s just amazing and probably the thing I like most about New York. Everywhere you go, you’ll see something interesting.

Also, Major Image Overload Alert.

Just so you don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Also another warning. I seem to love bridges that will explain the overload of Manhattan Bridge shots. (You can click on the images to get a slideshow started if you want to). 

Part One: The Manhattan Bridge / DUMBO

Part Two: Everything else

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  1. margarita February 17, 2017 at 5:33 am

    Thank you so much for the beautiful inspiring photos.
    Looking forward to seeing all the marvelous bridges in NYC soon 😉

    I love bridges since my childhood…bridges connect, unite and get rid of gaps between people !!!

    Every single bridge is unique… doesn’t matter if it’s the spectacular Danyang-Kinshan bridge or one of the 400 (!) tiny, little bridges in Venice.

    Have a nice day and never burn your bridges 😉

    PS : If you like bridges, you’ll love ….

    …..and this is (by the way) my favorite bridge : Sunniberg, by Christian Menn, in Klosters, Switzerland.


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