#ChallengeMeJune Week 1: Getting Up Early Every Day

Hi everyone,

how are you doing? It’s getting summery over here, I’m loving it. Hope you’ve had the opportunity to catch some sun where you live!

So, it’s Monday. I know, I know. When brainstorming for new blog posts a couple of weeks ago I thought I’d like to challenge myself in June with a special challenge every week (#ChallengeMeJune if you will, genius hashtag I know). Anyways, the first week’s challenge was to set my alarm to 6 o’clock every day (for some that might be not early at all or totally normal already, in which case I salute you. Others will look at me like, whaaat?).  Some context here: I never used to be an early riser, really I wasn’t. I would stay up rather late, watch series, read, scroll through the internets. In the morning I’d have a hard time waking up and would keep hitting that snooze button many (many) times.

But you know what? Getting up early was amazing.

Yes. And I’d even go as far as saying that it changed my life. I’m getting a bit dramatic here, it’s true though.

Why should I do that, you ask? (or in other words, “you crazy, I ain’t gonna give up my precious sleep time“). I’m going to try and give you some good arguments here, ok?

Let’s be honest here for a minute. You can’t convince yourself to wake up early just because. If you’d like to try that challenge,  ask yourself, “What would I get if I wake up early?” Whatever you answer, make sure you really want it because that’s what will be your motivation to ACTUALLY get up in the morning. A few answers why you’d like to consider getting up early.

You’ll Get More Time (D’oh)

I read somewhere that if you were to get up just one hour earlier each morning, you’d gain 15 days in a year. How crazy is it to think about it like that. So you better want to use this time than sleep, right?

Get Active, Quiet or Creative (Whichever You Prefer) 

I found that the morning is a great time to exercise. You’re body is well rested and it will set you up for the day with energy and motivation. Overall I felt more productive getting up early this week, it made me feel calmer and happier. If you’re not into sports in the early morning hours but rather into meditation, do it! I’m going to give it a try this week. Also, if you have some tips in that department, do let me know. Others like to use this time to read the newspapers in silence, to be creative, paint or write.

You’ll feel One Step Ahead

Having that one to two extra hours in the morning will undoubtedly make you feel calm, prepared for the day and chill, when everyone else around you is rushing around. When you wake up early, you’ll have more time for planning and getting organized. Getting to the office early means no distractions and getting things done (and then hopefully leaving early in the evening).

I’d really like you to try getting up early, I think you will like it. NO, SERIOUSLY. Don’t laugh at me.

Go to bed an hour earlier so that you won’t be too tired the next morning. It may take a couple of days to adjust your body and mind to it but once you’re in it you’ll most likely not want to go back. Obviously a lie in every once in a while is GREAT (not gonna lie) but overall it’s a great new habit. Start tomorrow and let me know how it went!

Happy week!


  1. peter zottl June 12, 2017 at 11:56 am

    Eary to bed & early to rise…makes one healthy, wealthy and wise ..if you think the second word too materialistic just re-rhyme ” happy, healthy and wise” :-))

  2. Ags June 12, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    great idea with the challenge week! Do you think you’d continue waking up early? I also love exercising in the morning- no excuses and it’s done! Haha. For me it usually means up by 5:20 so I can get done what I need/ want and get ready for the day- hopefully before my charming little monster wakes up;) Having a toddler means a little more planning for me and accounting for anything unpredictable (eg. not much sleep at night if she wakes up/ is sick). But I love that feeling of having done so much already by 8am! I’m usually in bed by 10 (crazy life, I know) but it seems to in tune with my natural body clock so we’re all good 🙂
    Great post idea, thanks and happy week! – ags

    1. sandra.zottl - Site Author June 12, 2017 at 1:46 pm

      Hi there! Thanks so much for your comment. I TOTALLY agree with you that exercising in the morning makes you feel like you’ve already accomplished something. I remember on Saturday morning biking to a bakery at 8am feeling so happy and motivated. But wow, I admire you even more, 5.20 is impressive 😉 In regards to if I try and keeping in up, I hope so. My body needs to get used to this new habit, keep me posted how it goes! Have a great week with your little one and a great summer! Hope to see you around soon!

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  4. cordelia July 19, 2017 at 4:03 pm

    Yay for early morning wake up!


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