Hello and thank you

First off, THANK YOU for stopping by this little teeny tiny corner of the big internet and allowing me to share my everyday adventures as a new American with you. My name is Sandra and I have recently moved from Zurich to Boston.

What’s it all about

I will try to update this blog Monday through Friday (don’t be mad if I don’t. I’m new to this blogging thing). Expect a random mix of topics (sounds negative, I mean it in a positive, diverse way), as I will tell you basically about everything that I experience/discover/see/eat/think/laugh at/think is great and want to share with you.

And, as a few of you might know, I am a person that gets interested easily in a lot of things. Possible topics could be exploring Boston, its neighborhoods, museums, traveling around the country, new interesting people I’ve met, beautiful flower shops, great food and cafés, volunteering experiences or grocery shopping (yes, I know how strange that might sound. But hey, as a European, going into an American supermarket will BLOW YOUR MIND).

Why this might be for you

You’ve made it until this point and are still reading. COOL. 

Maybe you want to know a little more about life in the US, seen from a point of view of a European that just recently moved here.

Maybe you’re a kind and patient friend or a family member that supports me no matter what. I appreciate it. In case I haven’t said that before.

Maybe you just fancy an easy, not too demanding (let’s be real) read every once in a while.

Regardless of why you’re here. I appreciate it. Also, on a different note: I have gotten a brand new Canon camera so I’ll be able to shoot my own photos soon. Exciting times.

Hopefully I can tell you about my experiences in a somewhat entertaining way that will make you want to come back. (If not, this will be my private diary gone public, which is also fine with me). And mostly, let’s be real it will serve to assure my parents that I’m still alive, eating and doing well.

Hi Mom and Dad! #byeee

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