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It’s when you take a flight of 1 hours 15 minutes that you realize what advantages it brings of living in Europe. City trips might be the greatest thing there is to take advantage of a weekend and see a new place without traveling for hours. This time we went on to discover Prague.

I’m sharing my favorite finds in terms of food and adventures (mainly food though to be honest) in this post. If you’re interested in that, keep on reading. Also, big thank you to our great little travel group! You are the best!

Or should I say watching? There’s a YouTube channel that a dear Czech friend (hi Marketa!) recommended to me a few weeks ago and it is brilliant. It’s called Honest Guide and it actually does what you’d expect from the name, it tells you things how they are, because he doesn’t want you to fall into tourist traps. Great! I obviously watched almost all of the videos and this was one of my favorites as he collaborated with Taste of Prague, which are a duo who are doing food tours and just do an overall amazing job at promoting good places. Needless to say that we followed all of their recommendations religiously (thanks Schueli and Evelyne for sharing).

So let’s get you inspired by some (mostly not light) Czech food, because after all you don’t go to Prague to loose weight, right? 

But First, Coffee

My favorite was Original Café by far. Despite its very centric location it’s a super quiet and relaxing little oasis far from the huge tourist masses with lovely staff and delicious lemonades and coffee. Try it!

Very hipstery and highly instagramable indeed is Ema Espresso Bar.

Bakeshop is a very cute little shop with lots of delicious treats and coffee on offer (the salted caramel brownies were….delicious!).


My absolute favorite must have been Eska. Very modern vibe and atmosphere with really really great food, I guess at any time of the day (even though we went for a veeeeery late brunch at 4pm)!

Pretty much the opposite of that with a more traditional and oldschool vibe but serving delicious food and patisserie as well, is Café Savoy. 


We had a lovely dinner at Bottega Linka, fine Italian food. Highly recommend! If you’re more into typical Czech pub comfort food head on out to Lokál, which is an experience for itself!

Farmer’s Market

Apparently they love markets around here and we were super happy to find out that there was one on Saturday morning (more info here) on the riverside. It was hands down one of my favorite things to do as you get to see you many different foods and stalls and other things (like beautiful ceramics and other products). Had the best galette crêpe I’ve ever had I think (go get one if you’re ever there) and bought the most adorable little mug and cup.

Beer and Everything Else

Well, where to begin?

Prague without beer? Not an option.

There’s beer EVERYWHERE, no kidding. And coming from a city where it’s not allowed to drink outside it was a nice change, not gonna lie. My favorite two places by far to have a beer outside were  Letna Beer Garden, where in midst of a nice little hill park you have a great view over the city and can sit under the shade of the trees. Really beautiful! For a change of scenery and when you’re more into water, you can sit on the riverside on Kampa Island (thanks dear Ondrej for the tip!) and enjoy the view of the boats and pedalos.

The only place you will not get served a beer is Parlour. You actually go in, have a seat and explain to a very nice guy what you like in cocktails (he will roast you until he gets the information he needs). They will then create a drink based on your inputs. It’s a great hidden away little place that I really liked. If you’re into cocktails I’d say go there!

Do let me know if you have other recommendations!

Have a fantastic day! 

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